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Environmental Management

We have been operating a top quality commercial landscaping service since 2006
We operate all over the UK in areas like Cumbria, Doncaster, London & the M25, Luton and Wrexham.


Our services are available all across the UK. We work up and down the country working on all major highways.


Pennine Environmental Solutions can maintain all types of highway landscape, from steep slopes, to roundabouts.


We take care of tree planting, pruning, strimming, grass seeding & turfing and invasive weed control.

Tree & Shrub

We will prepare all areas for planting, select all planting and then bring them to your outdoor space, placing them out for you to see..

About Pennine Environmental

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Pennine Environmental Solutions Ltd. is a commercial landscaping company located in Alston Cumbria. Geographically this puts us centrally on the map, making it easy for us to get to any location in the country.

Our company has been steadily expanding its services to enable us to offer an wide range of landscaping services.

Pennine Environmental Solutions Ltd.Provides soft landscaping works around new developments such as schools, hospitals, roads, hospitals and leisure parks in and around Cumbria, M25 London, Luton, Wrexham, Doncaster and are available anywhere around the UK.

The soft landscaping of a new or existing open space is often the most visually exciting part. Imagine an outdoor space around new developments such as schools, hospitals, roads, hospitals & leisure parks without plants or a lawn! It may seem obvious, but these things actually take just as much expertise as the building aspect of the project.

Trees planted in the wrong position or incorrectly managed can at best be a nuisance and at worst cause structural damage to walls, underground services and even houses.

A lawn incorrectly laid will never stand a chance of establishing itself into the bowling green/football pitch that you wished for. As such we can offer expert advice and management of your soft landscaping.

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Pennine Services

Pennine Services

  • Grass Cutting
  • Highway Maintenance
  • Invasive Weed Control
  • Planting
  • Seeding & Turfing
  • Shrub & Tree Pruning
  • Strimming


  • Slope Maintenance
  • Golf & Park Sickle Mower
  • Mulching
  • Road Cleaning
  • Leaf Vacuum
  • Awkward Space Utility
  • 45° Slope Capability


  • All Terrain
  • 55° Slope Capability
  • 150m Working Range
  • Higher Cutting Productivity
  • Work Safe
  • Access All Areas
  • Range Of Uses

Weed Control

  • Giant Hogweed
  • Japanese Knotweed
  • Marestail & Horsetail
  • Crocosmia
  • Rosebay Willowherb
  • Nettles
  • Cotoneaster

Machinery in Action

Reform - Metrac H5 X & H7 SX

Versatile bank tractors built with low ground pressure footprint are the future of multi-terrain grounds maintenance. With their inching pedal, they can be used with confidence around trees & shrubs with confidence.

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McConnel - Robocut

Online social networks have become the new way in which people connect socially for both business and personal use.

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Robocut Roadside Action

Colour choice in logo design is critical. The colour you decide on to represent your business can greatly affect peoples perception of your business.

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