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Hedge Cutting Services

Hedge cutting to a high standard requires expert precision from an experienced operator. We offer a flail cutting service for farms, equestrian centres, large estates and larger garden hedges. We can cut most types of hedge rows, including Hawthorn, Holly, Beech, Privet and decorative garden varieties.

flail arm cutting a hedge
flail arm on reform tractor
flail arm on reform tractor
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Hedge Cutting Service

flail arm cutting verge
What We Offer

Pennine Environmental Solutions Ltd is a specialist contractor, providing expert hedgerow maintenance to farmers, owners of land and local councils. Verge mowing contracts, work on commercial industrial sites and forestry are also undertaken.

flail arm cutting low hedge
High Standard Hedge Cutting

Hedgecutting requires skilled and experienced operators in order to provide the highest standards of hedge trim and finish.We cover the very big hedges were access platforms are needed to the smallest formal yew or box hedge. We also undertake amenity grass mowing, sports grounds, large areas of grass paddocks, grounds etc. using a front mounted flail mower.

flail arm cutting vertical hedge side
When to Cut Hedges

We can provide a hedge cutting service to keep your field margins and hedgerows neat and tidy. Hedge cutting is usually carried out towards the end of the growing season, but if you have a specific event requiring your hedges to be trimmed and tidied sooner, then contact us and we can advise.

flail arm cutting hedge top
The Right Tools

With the aid of the right tools we can carry out a job that takes the gardeners weeks that we can undertake In a few days or so and always leaving a crisp clean finish. Our light weight machinery running on low ground pressure turf tyres leaves minimal impact on your grassland or garden. Our skilled and diligent operators will leave you with a tidy finish to be proud of.

Need Our Services?

If you would like any of our hedge cutting services, or any of our services, then please get in touch with us.