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What we maintain

Pennine Environmental Solutions Ltd. aims to maintain verges, strim and cut plots, central reservations, motorway banks and dual carriageways, in a safe condition with particular care being applied to ensuring that visibility is not impaired.

Various routine operations are carried out to keep the highway verge, central reserves, cuttings and embankment slopes in a safe condition. These include inspecting and maintaining trees and hedges, removing obstructions, and cutting grass and vegetation to maintain visibility

All the services Pennine Environmental Solutions Ltd. provide are backed up by comprehensive health and safety practices and comprehensive insurance cover to ensure the safety of employees, clients and other users.

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The Environmental approach

All plots, verges, central reservations banks of motorways & dual carriageways, are maintained in an appropriate environmental manner, particularly in respect of verges of nature conservation value. The maintenance approach will be based upon the following principles:

  • Appropriate mowing regime (depending on flora/fauna present).
  • No unnecessary use of Chemicals
  • Identified Sites of Special Scientific Interest, Grade 1 Sites of Biological Importance or other biologically rich verges managed with an appropriate regime.

Plots, verges, central reservations banks of motorways & dual carriageways, are maintained to strike a balance between the need to preserve road safety and the need to preserve the natural habitat which exists within roadside verges, in terms of both plant and wildlife. The need to maintain safe visibility for all categories of road user does have to take priority where conflict arises.

Highway Maintenance Services

highway grass cutting
Grass Cutting

We cut plots, verges, central reservations, motorway banks & dual carriageways.

strimming services

Strimming large and difficult areas of grass can be hard to do but our Grounds Maintenance teams are experienced staff who are trained in strimming.

grass cutting with reform tractors

Our Reform tractors are not only efficient but environmentally friendly and are operated to an exacting standard by our highly trained operators.

grass cutting with robocut

Our modern vehicles have kept pace with the advances in technology. Robocut is cutting edge tech with huge safety benefits.

grass maintenance on highways

Grass Cutting

Grass cutting is one of our main services, although we have developed a full range of other related services to compliment our business including fully licensed herbicide applicators; highway drainage including filter drain cleaning, full traffic management of works undertaken including static and rolling roadworks which ensures tight cost controls and ensures good traffic flow. We maintain a strict environmental focus at all times. A list of other services offered can be found on this site.

Highway verges are regarded as a 'Managed Habitat'. Certain lengths of verges may be set aside as conservation areas, and no routine cutting is carried out within these areas, which are normally defined by marker posts.

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highway Verges

Those areas of verge which are planted with bulbs are normally excluded from the first cut in order to allow the foliage to die off completely.

Because rural verges are only cut to one swathe width, the remainder of the verge can serve as a wildlife haven. Such verges may, from time to time, need to be cut back to the full width to prevent excessive growth of brushwood or noxious weeds.

Where fine stands of wild flowers are present in the verge, the timing of cutting operations is varied to allow the flowers to set seed. Varying the times of cutting from year to year, will help nature conservation/biodiversity, since a greater number of plant species will then be given a chance to flower and seed in at least some years.