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Planting (soft landscaping) is like putting oil to canvas for us and painting a picture. It is the icing on the cake for any outdoor space we landscape and no outdoor space is complete without it.

The Pennine Environmental Solutions Ltd. landscape team not only enjoys and takes pride in the quality finish of the hard landscaping within your commercial outdoor space, but takes pride in complimenting it with soft landscaping.

All our plants are sourced from local family run nurseries, where we are guaranteed service and quality that we can pass on to our clients.

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Colours, Shapes & Atmosphere
Planting with a planting plan

If we are working off a design plan, the designer if requested will draw up a planting plan and provide a mood board showing the desired look that the planting should take over a period of time. This is a more accurate way of setting out the planting and always an advisable guide if you are going to be planting your outdoor space yourself over a period of time or if you have a particularly large space.

If it is just planting you require within an existing outdoor space, then a survey will need to take place to provide an accurate planting plan.

Planting without a planting plan

The Pennine Environmental Solutions Ltd. landscape team is experienced and knowledgeable in providing your outdoor space with planting that will work in accordance to your soil type, aspect (North, South facing etc.), give you all year interest and fit your required tastes without using a planting plan. Please note: This is generally advisable for small outdoor spaces only.

We will prepare all areas for planting, select all planting and then bring them to your outdoor space, placing them out for you to see. Once you have seen what we have done and you are happy with the overall look, we will plant everything in situ.

Planting Team

It is the planting that truly brings your new garden to life. Pennine Environmental Solutions Ltd. Planting Team have a passion for and deep knowledge of plants, their colours, textures, perfumes, habits, and the everyday requirements they need to thrive in your particular outdoor space. The planting in your new outdoor space will be beautiful and stylish in response to your preferences for atmosphere, outdoor space usage, length of flowering season, specific colour palettes and future maintenance.

You can be as involved as you like in the plant selection process. Pennine Environmental Solutions Ltd. can provide a full planting scheme from scratch, respond to the inclusion of plants you may already love or source, supply, deliver and plant up plants you know you need.

Plant sourcing and value for money are extremely important to the planting team as is the long life of your outdoor space. Only the healthiest, strongest, best value plants are selected from reliable nurseries, locally whenever possible, as well as award-winning growers.