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Reform Services

Pennine Environmental Solutions can provide a slope maintenance grass cutting programme. This predominantly consists of cutting grass on the crest and sides of a bank. If there are problems with weeds or scrub developing on the area between the bank then this will be cut. The vegetation is cut in order to control weeds and encourage the growth of healthy grass which, in turn, promotes stability. When the embankments are overtopped, long grass can result in root structure deterioration and instability increasing erosion. Annual weeds equal bare ground and erosion in winter season, so these need to be controlled.

reform cutting grass
Reform H5X in action

The mainstays of the Pennine Environmental Solutions grass cutting fleet are Reform Hydrostatic Metrac H5X & H7 SX Bank tractors. Embankments can be cut on the top and slopes. In areas where weed growth is an issue the vegetation cut is more comprehensive. The Reform Metrac H5X & H7 SX is a critically safe machines. They are safe, manoeuverable and well-suited to working on banks and on slope projects and make delivery of annual maintenance programmes so much more efficient and cost-effective.

Road Maintenance

Mowing on road bank slopes
Road Cleaning

Forestry Work

Working with the winch
Working with a timber trailer

Water Body Management

Mowing on bank slopes

Transport Applications

Transport of bulk material with dump bucket
Transport of timber with dump bucket

reform on transport
Reform H5X & H7 SX are easy to transport