Steep Slopes NeedRobocut

Robocut Services

Robocut® allows us to tame very steep slpes that are hard to access by normal means. They have high grip track technology giving precision control in tight spaces and smooth confident operation on banks of up to 55° in gradient.

robo cut cutting grass
Robocut® in action

ROBOCUT® delivers an exceptional finish thanks to a best-in-class 1.3 metre flailhead. The specially designed mounting system closely follows the contours of the ground, while an easy raise-and-lower flailhead prevents damage and increases manoeuvring speed. A choice of Y or hammer flail options ensures a superior finish in a wide range of different conditions. Robocut® has a low centre of gravity making it ideal for for the steepest of banks. Due to its effective stabilised construction Robocut® can deliver safe and effective cutting at angles up to 55°.

Remote Control

Control is easy to master with the lightweight and intuitive remote control. Its straightforward design allows you to manoeuvre with skill in minutes. Motion is controlled via 2 joysticks along with steering and height control of the flailhead. Whereas with just the touch of a button, gearing, rotor speed, speed sensitivity, radiator self-cleaning, and an emergency stop can all be accessed.

Easy Transport

Its toughness is unquestionable, but this doesn't make it excessively heavy. It is light enough to put in the back of a commercial vehicle or on a trailer. It's compact and space-efficient and allows us to load it onto a trailer in minutes making it easy for us to get to you quickly.


ROBOCUT® features a tried and trusted 40hp Isuzu diesel engine - delivering an outstanding combination of power, efficiency and reliability. Its naturally-aspirated engine is perfect for slopes, while the force-fed lubrication system ensures the engine remains lubricated when working at an angle.

High Quality

Robocut excels in all terrains and conditions and is up to 25 times more effective than cutting by hand. It delivers an even finish delivered by 1.3m flailhead which closely follows the contours of the ground. It is suitable for a vast range of applications from highways, waterways and railways to local authority, heritage and restricted access sites

Safety is paramount and ROBOCUT® eliminates risk by allowing us to work at a distance from the danger zone. It has a massive working range of up to 150m. The machine features anti-slipping technology, including; ground-gripping rubber tracks and spikes, a low centre of gravity, and a built-in negative brake system. Additional safety features include two emergency stop buttons and an automatic cut-out when the machine reaches the end of its remote control range