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Everybody loves a green healthy looking lawn and a well cared for lawn sets the perfect scene for the rest of the garden. The Pennine Environmental Solutions Ltd. offer a wide range of Lawn Care services that include scarifying, feeding, mowing and laying turf.

As experienced Lawn Turf Suppliers, Pennine Environmental Solutions Ltd. offers you many decades of experience in supplying and professionally laying high quality turf for a variety of commercial and domestic customers. This means that we can answer you questions and advise what is suitable for your project and offer advice on aftercare.

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Seeding in Action
Pennine Lawn Turf Services

The Pennine Environmental Solutions Ltd. professional lawn turf laying and turfing service will provide you with a great looking, hard wearing lawn that is great for outside activities, children or socialising in the Spring and Summer. We can help you decide when the best time to lay new lawn and whether to choose a quicker fix of turf, or take the time to grow grass from seed.

Our supply only service offers you the assurance that we only supply turf that is cut and delivered within 24 hours to ensure that all important freshness.

Turf Laying

Alternatively, if applicable, you can take advantage of our professional laying service to lay the fresh high quality turf you have purchased. By choosing our turf laying service, Pennine Environmental Solutions Ltd. will:

  • Remove any existing lawn
  • Rotivate the area
  • Excavate
  • Dispose of unwanted material.
  • Ensure area is levelled to fine tilth using good quality top soil
  • Lay the turf of your choice

Using experienced Lawn Turf Suppliers such as Pennine Environmental Solutions Ltd. gives you the assurance that your lawn turfing project will be properly planned and executed in a professional manner by experts who understand exactly what they are doing.

So, you have choice of using Pennine Environmental Solutions Ltd. as a reputable Lawn Turf Supplier or employing us to provide and lay the turf you have chosen.

People who take pride in their outdoor spaces generally want a lush, green lawn during the spring, summer and early fall. The look and feel of healthy grass cannot be beaten, and one of the key steps to achieving a lawn that looks like it came straight out of a home and garden magazine is appropriate seeding.

Lawn Seeding

Lawn seeding can be done by a anyone, but it is more effective and successful when completed by a professional lawn care company. A professional will be able to tell more about the content of the soil and what types of grass will grow well in an individual yard, considering sunlight, shade and other factors, than a homeowner.

The first step to seeding a lawn is to determine what type of seeding is needed. Some lawns need all-over help, and others need care in patches. Lawns can become thin and patchy in places due to cold or too-hot weather, insects and diseases in the grass. These lawns can be seeded sporadically to achieve re-growth in areas where additional help is needed. Spot seeding can be used to fix areas that have been worn down by repeated traffic and patches that have died.

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Preventing Damage

Many lawns have good grass in places, but need a little extra help to thicken up the growth. These lawns can be over seeded. Over seeding is the placement of grass seed over a very large area, or an entire lawn. This can be done by a professional service easily using lawn aeration.

Other lawns have been very badly damaged and must be entirely re-grown. This total lawn "renovation" starts with removal of the old sod, de-thatching of the yard or slice-seeding, which actually puts the seeds into the soil without requiring the removal of any sod. Once the base of the yard is prepared, overall seeding can be done.

A professional lawn care service will make sure that the number one rule of seeding a lawn is followed by using top quality seed.

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Lawn care services

Results from cheaper or lower quality grass seed are questionable, so spending a little more time and money on a top-of-the-line brand is necessary to get desired results. A second rule to follow is to make sure the seeds make contact with the soil. Third, the seeds must get plenty of water to make sure they germinate and take root in the soil.

Seeding can be done at any point in the year, but most professional lawn care companies prefer to do the work in the late summer or early fall months. Grass seeds take root and begin to grow faster in the fall, after the soil has been warmed by the sun and has collected plenty of moisture. The seeds then have plenty of time to continue to grow and strengthen through the remaining fall and winter months before taking off in the spring. Seeding can be done in spring and summer, but is generally less successful as more water and careful attention are required.