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Grass Cutting

UK Commercial Grass Cutting contractors


UK Commercial Hydroseeding Contractors

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UK Commercial landscaping contractors


commercial grass cutting contractors

UK commercial landscaping contractors

commercial landscaping

Bank maintenance, tree planting, grass cutting, refom, robocut, hydroseeding contractors. Whichever commercial landscaping service you need get in touch.


Pennine Environmental Solutions grass cutting fleet Reform Metrac H5X & H7 SX Bank tractors they are:

Why slope maintenance is important:


Robocut® allows us to cut very steep slopes that are hard to access by normal means. They have high grip track technology giving precision control in tight spaces and smooth confident operation on banks of up to 55° in gradient.

hydroseeding contractors

uk hydroseeding contractors

Pennine Environmental offers commercial hydroseeding services.

What is Hydroseeding?

It is a seeding method that involves the preparation of a liquid that combines seed and a carrier such as wood or paper fibre products with water. The liquid is mixed in our FINN T60 hydroseeding machine and is then sprayed in liquid form onto the seeding area.

Hydroseeding (also known as hydraseeding or hydromulching) gives us the means to seed steep embankments that cannot be seeded in the normal way. Also, to seed large areas in a shorter amount of time. Wildflowers and specialist tree seed mixes can be mixed to suit individual needs.


uk hydroseeding contractors

commercial Spraying

Invasive Weed Spraying Services

Pennine Environmental Solutions also offer invasive weed management & weed control, tackling all aspects of invasive weed control and removal.

Our experienced team are fully qualified and hold all certification for spraying. 

For larger areas to be sprayed we have Reform and ATV machines with boom spray attachments for quick and efficient spraying of these bigger areas.

Troublesome species can include Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed, Himalayan Balsam, and many more. These are considered invasive either due to:

Invasive Weed Spraying Considerations

Invasive plants are not native to the UK and can start to eliminate the local native species. This can cause physical and biological damage to native plants, and lead to an area being overrun with invasive species. We can relieve your premises from these destructive species, ensuring that we always consider the requirements of your site.

There are many Invasive weeds in the UK, once identified they can be managed in different ways depending on the specific situation. 

Things to consider:

commercial strimming

Pennine Environmental Solutions Ltd. Grounds Maintenance teams have all the equipment to strim large and small areas including:

We have the facilities to collect grass and dispose of either on or off site.

Every individual project is carefully surveyed, and risk assessed before any work commences.

We use personal protective equipment and the latest noise emissions and vibration reducing machines.

highway maintenance

Pennine Environmental Solutions offers commercial landscape maintenance on the highways throughout the UK.

We maintain:

commercial planting

We prep, plant and maintain trees, hedges on large areas like motorway embankments.

Planting takes place mainly in the planting season which runs November- March

Our experiences team plants:

These are planted staked and guarded to protect them from the elements and wildlife. We also offer a tree guard removal after the trees are established enough for this to happen.

our qualities

Why choose pennine Environmental Solutions?

Experienced Workforce

We have an experienced team of people who can provide all the services you need quickly, efficiently and in a realistic timescale.


All employees are qualified to carry out all work we undertake. All employees carry a CSCS qualification as a minimum.

We work in all weather

Pennine Environemntal Solutions work throughout the year in all types of weather to get the job done.

Reliable Contractors

We are a reliable and hard working team. We show up when we say we will and get the job done in a timely fashion.

UK Commercial Landscaping

We will work anywhere in the UK. We have work units based all over the country and can get to you quickly.

Environmentally Conscious

Our services work with nature. While we keep environments under control and well maintained, we endeavour to never harm the environment in which we are working.

Our ratings remains at 100% with excellent positive feedback. We are constantly adding new commercial landscaping services, so even if you can’t see it get in touch and ask us.

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